From the recording Out of the Dark


Tunnel vision, walls are closing in
Trouble breathing, air is getting thin
Back is breaking, weight is too great to hold
Brain is aching, trying to do what you've been told

Crawl on hands and knees across the floor
Feel your way toward any open door
Cry out for help from above
Is there anyone, anyone?

So tired of feeling helpless
Sick of being weak
No matter what you do the light stays just out of reach
Spent so long in silence
Too many years in chains
But you're not meant to live wasting away in grief and pain
So release the lies you've believed about yourself
Hold onto the truths that only heaven tells
Hold fast to what you know deep in your heart and you're

Coming out of the dark

Forgive yourself for your past
When you were too weak to stand
Let go of the anger, cause there's a bigger plan
You're no longer beholden to what
once held you down
And you don't have to be afraid anymore
Cause the veil has been lifted
Your eyes can now see
Take all you've been gifted
Go be who you were meant to be

Coming out of the dark