From the recording Out of the Dark


I was minding my own business
Life was going just fine
Then you walked into the room and boy, you blew my mind
Heard a diesel engine chugging
Saw a blinding light
And before I knew it, babe

You hit me like a train, yeah
Knocked me down for the count
Hit me like a train, yeah
Now there ain’t no doubt

Don’t need no help getting up, doing fine on the ground
Lovin’ every part of this smackdown
Baby, you hit me like a train

Now before I knew what hit me
It was much too late
For me to do anything but just accept my fate
Like a damsel in distress
Tied down to the rails
But I don’t need no rescuing


Hit me so hard you knocked me off my track
Thought I knew what I was thinking now I’m rethinking that
Things that used to make sense are so hard to understand
Never thought a girl like me could fall so far for a man
This wasn’t part of my plan

Didn’t hear no whistle blowing 
See no warning lights
Had no idea that you had me in your sights
Picking up speed, now you’ve got me dead to rights
And it’s all over babe