1. Fool For You

From the recording Out of the Dark


The pain of this love is unbearable
Hits me in waves like the sea
In my mind I see your face and I hear your voice
You're like a hurricane slowly destroying me

You didn't ask for that kind of power
It was I that gave it to you
And it kills me that you have it to wield over me
But there's nothing I'm able to do

'Cause I'm a fool
Only hurting myself
I'm a fool
And I've made my own hell by
Loving a man who's got somebody else
I'm a fool, I'm a fool for you

How can I ever be sure of you
When there's really no way you can prove
That your love is real, you're committed to me
When she's the one that you're committed to
So I take whatever you give me
Even though it's never enough
And the tears I cry are for the pieces of you
That I'll never be able to touch

I'm really not a stupid girl
But every time you start speeding up
I just can't hit the brakes
And I'll end up all messed up again
Broken heart and foolish pride
Don't know if I like where you're taking me
But I sure am enjoying the ride

I want you all to myself
But it's something that I'll never see
Cuz I'm not even sure where I stand with you
Or where you want me to be
Am I deep in your life or outside of it
Can I be both of those places at once
You want a whole lotta me just a bit of the time
Cause all of me is just too much