1. Predator

From the recording Out of the Dark


There’s a type of man I need to warn you about
Hide your children and your wife
‘Cause he’s a soulless serpent and he’s bound to suck you dry

He looks harmless enough as he sits silently
But he’s only stalking his prey
And he’ll wait for the weak and the lonely
Then he’ll have his way

‘Cause he’s a predator and he’s hungry for
Another kind and generous soul
He’s a bloodthirsty cad but you can’t be mad at him
It’s just how he was born
But beware and take care ‘cause he’s on the prowl
Ready to destroy and steal
Because a predator won’t stop til he’s had his next meal

He’s the evilest kind he comes on so sweet
A devil with an angel’s face
And he’ll distract you with pretty words and warm embrace
But you’d better watch out because before long
His true colors and his fangs will peek
And you’ll find yourself trapped in his web of deceit


He’s the best of the best at camouflage
And he can hide right in plain sight
Twist you ’til you don’t know which way’s up
Feel like you’re losing your mind
He’s a master of the ways of the hunt
And he’ll take you down with ease
Before you know what bit you, you’ll be on your knees

Now there’s no surefire way to avoid
This particular species of creep
But these words of advice have been very helpful to me
If you meet a super charming fella who comes on too strong
And drops a love bomb on your first date
You’d better run for the hills, girl, before you find out
It’s too late