From the recording Out of the Dark


What did you expect when you knew what this was
No promises were made, you knew it from the start
What did you expect did you go and get your hopes up?
Did you think there was a chance I wouldn’t break your heart?
Break your heart

Did you think I’d come running whenever you called my name
Did you wanna believe this wasn’t just a game to me
Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression dear
But in this situation
what did you expect

What did you expect were you waiting on someday
Did you think I’d give everything up to be with you
Did you think that I loved you
Were you dreaming of forever a chance for something new
Something new

Did you hope to be the one I’d lie next to in the night
The one that I confide in that helps make everything alright
I may have miscommunicated here my dear
Don’t mean to disappoint
But what did you expect

How could you be so naive
How could you believe that everything I said was
Absolutely true
Get used to in honey, we lie.
Didn’t your mama tell you?