From the recording Silent Night - Single

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Well, it looks like Christmas is here
Was kind of hoping that it wouldn't show up this year
'Cause for me, celebrating just doesn't seem right
When all I've got is a silent night.

Seems like everyone has got somewhere to be
I hear them making plans with their families
And it's all I can do not to break down and cry
As I sit here alone on this silent night

No amount of cheer is gonna lift my head
And the lights and decorations remind me instead
Of what it is that I don't have to go home to
So please don't ask me what I want for a gift
'cause there's really only one thing on my list
And I know there's not a chance that it's what I'm gonna get

So thank you for the wishes for a happy holiday
And if I was in a better place, I'd believe it when you say
"Merry Christmas," but for me, merry's far out of sight
And the only sound is my breaking heart
On this silent night.